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Search engine optimization (SEO) dictionary/glossary - B

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Abbreviation for Business to Business. A B2B web site sells products and services to other businesses.
Abbreviation for Business to Consumer. A B2C web site sells products and services to consumers and the general public.
The process of submitting one web page to a search engine or directory and substituting a different page with unrelated or spam content on the server after the search engine or directory has recorded the information about the initial web page.
Below the fold
On a web page, content that is "below the fold" requires that a user scroll vertically to view that content.
Best of the web
Former Inktomi database currently comprised of over 115 million documents that come from Inktomi’s natural crawling of the web. Web sites listed in this index are the most popular documents on the web through Inktomi's link (popularity) analysis. Abbreviated as BOW.
Boolean search
A search on a computer database, such as a search engine, for keywords that best describe your topic using Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT.
A form of text navigation showing a hierarchical linking structure of a web site. The current location within the site is indicated by a list of pages above the current page in a hierarchy, leading up to the home page. A typical set of breadcrumb links might look like this:
Home > Products > Teas > Green Tea
Bridge page
Another term for a doorway page. See doorway pages.
The software used to view, manage, and access web pages by interpreting hypertext and hyperlinks. Two of the most common browsers are Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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