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Search engine optimization (SEO) dictionary/glossary - K

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A single word typed into a search engine query. Also a single word that accurately describes the contents of a single web page or web site. Please see: Keyword repetition for search engine optimization - how much is too much?
Keyword buy
A term used in search engine advertising in which advertisements appear when a keyword or set of keywords is typed into a search query.
Keyword density
A measure of the number of times keywords occur within a web page's text divided by the total number of words on a web page. Search engines have unique algorithms for calculating keyword density. Filter words are often subtracted from the total word count to measure density.
Keyword domain name
A domain name that contains one or more keywords.
Keyword phrase
A set of words typed into a search engine query. Also a set of words that accurately describes the contents of a single web page or web site.
Keyword prominence
Refers to how "high up" on a web page a keyword appears. Generally, if keywords are visible on the first screen on a web page without site visitors having to scroll, the words are said to have high keyword prominence.
Keyword proximity
Refers to how close keywords are to each other on web pages.
Keyword stacking
Placing gibberish sentences and phrases on a web page in order to artificially boost keyword density, keyword prominence, and keyword proximity. Keyword stacking often occurs in title tags, meta tags, and invisible text.
Keyword stuffing
Placing gibberish sentences and phrases inside graphic images or CSS layers. Often has the same meaning as keyword stacking.

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