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Search engine optimization (SEO) dictionary/glossary - M

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Meta refresh
Attribute in a meta tag in which one URL is replaced with another URL after a specified period of time. A method of redirecting end users from one URL to another.
Meta revisit
Attribute in a meta tag in which web designers instruct the search engine spiders to return to a web page within a specified period of time. Search engines do not honor this attribute.
Meta tag
An HTML tag, placed between the <head> and </head> tags, that gives information about the content of a web page, such as what HTML specifications a web page follows or description of a web page’s content. A meta tag, however, does not affect how a web page is displayed on a browser. For online marketing, the most common uses for meta tags are the keyword, description, and robots exclusion attributes. Please see: Keyword repetition for search engine optimization - how much is too much?
Mirror domains or mirror sites
Multiple copies of web sites, often on different servers, with the exact same, or similar, content. Used to artificially boost link popularity and search engine visibility. Please see: Is search-engine friendly web site design more important than links?
Mirror pages
Multiple copies of web pages, often on different servers, with the exact same, or similar, content. Most mirror pages are doorway pages tailored for each search engine. Please see: Avoiding search engine spam penalties.

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