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Search engine optimization (SEO) dictionary/glossary - R

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See positioning.
Reciprocal links
The mutual exchange of links from one site to another.
Relative link
A link that does not include an entire domain name, subdirectory (if used), and filename together in the URL. A link that is defined by its relative position to the current URL. Please see: Absolute links, relative links, and search engine optimization (SEO).
A search engine's numeric measure of how well a particular URL matches terms entered in a search query.
A software program that search engines use that visits every URL on the web, follows all the links, and catalogs all the text of every web page that (a) contains text, and (b) that can be visited or crawled. Also known as a spider or crawler, but the term "robots" is more and more commonly associated with automated agents.
Robots Exclusion Protocol
A text file that you place on your server that instructs search engine spiders to not spider and record the information in specified areas on your web site. The same function can also be utilized using the meta-robots tag.

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