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Search engine optimization (SEO) dictionary/glossary - WXYZ

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Web copywriting
The process of writing content specifically for display on web pages, including potential search result pages. Please see: Web site content and search engine visibility
Web site or website
A collection of web pages, usually found under one domain, generally formatted in XHTML, that contain text, graphic images, and multimedia effects such as sound files, video and/or animation files, and other programming or scripting elements such as Java and JavaScript.
Abbreviation for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. Is a hybrid of XML and HTML. Web pages designed in XHTML should look the same across all platforms.
Abbreviation for Extensible Markup Language. XML enables web site designers to create customized tags to describe data.
In CSS, the z-index property sets the stacking order of an element, usually a layer. Layers with greater z-index numbers will appear in front of layers with lower z-index numbers.

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