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About Search Engine Visibility

Foreword by Danny Sulllivan

Search engine visibility is not about merely obtaining top positions in search results. Rather, search engine visibility is about designing, writing and creating a web site primarily for your site's visitors, and helping them find what they are searching for via the major search engines, web directories, and industry-related web sites.

Most web developers/designers build a site first and worry about "searchability" later, which is a costly mistake. Companies spend thousands of dollars on a site that (a) the search engines are unable to crawl and index, and (b) people do not want to link to. This book teaches developers/designers, programmers, usability professionals, and online marketers about what pitfalls to avoid from the beginning so they can provide their clients with more effective site designs.

Topics covered in this Search Engine Visibility include:

  • How to write search-engine friendly sales copy
  • Search-engine friendly design solutions
  • How to increase your web site's popularity
  • Some solutions for dynamic web sites
  • What types of search services are available
  • Submission guidelines

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