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Search engine optimization (SEO) services

My company, Omni Marketing Interactive, offers more than search engine optimization services. I believe 100% in a positive user experience for both humans and technology. So my staff and I offer services that successfully bridge that gap between users and technology:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Increase qualified search engine traffic to your site with our SEO services, including:

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Site architecture (information architecture + technical architecture)
  • Site audits
  • Link development analysis and recommendations
  • Search-engine friendly design and development
  • Duplicate content management
  • Blog optimization
  • Video optimization
  • Graphic image optimization
  • SEO training
  • Consulting

Even if you are working with another design/development firm, I can help ensure that the technical team is following best-practice SEO and user experience (UX) guidelines.

Web site usability services

What makes me and my company unique is that we understand BOTH users and technology. We do not recommend technical implementation without first testing interfaces with your target audience.

Let our team of certified usability professionals, with over 15 years of experience, analyze your site for a better user experience. My company's usability services include:

  • Search Usability™ Heuristic Review
  • Usability testing
  • Usability evaluations
  • Cognitive walk-through
  • Content inventory
  • Issues analysis
  • Persona/profile development
  • Task analysis and development
  • Shopping cart evaluation
  • Website usability training

Information architecture (IA)

A user-friendly and technology-friendly information architecture is critical for long-term, consistent site traffic. Our information architects can help your business establish and maintain a solid, usable architecture that will increase the number of visitors to your site...and keep them there.

What makes Omni Marketing Interactive's IA services unique is that:

  1. Our wireframes are search-engine friendly
  2. We provide technical specifications for your design and technical teams
  3. We can provide responsive and adaptive design wireframes and specifications on request

Other information architecure services include:

  • Design review and IA analysis
  • Wireframe development
  • Prototype design and development
  • Site map/site index development
  • Card-sort usability testing and tree-tests
  • Information architecture training

Web site design and development

Search-engine friendly web design is designing a site for people who use search engines. And that is precisely what I and my group of designers/developers specalize in: human-friendly and technology-friendly website design.

We build and maintain small, medium, and large websites. Below is a short list of the types of websites we commonly build:

  • Ecommerce sites
  • B2B (business-to-business) sites
  • Blogs
  • Web sites for professional organizations
  • Mini- or microsites tailored for search engine advertising

Our websites download quickly, have easy-to-follow navigation, and rank well in search engines. Our developers and designers provide fully customized solutions from the simplest site designs to a fully functional ecommerce site. Flash, PHP, and ASPX programming available.

For more information about our search engine optimization, search usability training, and site design services, please fill out our contact form or call us at 847-426-4256.


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