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Search Engine Visibility FAQs

To get answers to frequently asked questions about the book, search engine optimization and marketing, search usability training and other optimization services, please select one of the links below:

Who should read Search Engine Visibility?

Search Engine Visibility is a must have book for people to read before they begin designing or redesigning a web site.

Search engine marketers and web site designers can learn how to design and promote web sites in a non-spam manner, i.e. in a way that the search engines and Web directories approve.

Advertising agencies, who often outsource search engine marketing, need to have a basic understanding of how search engine marketing works, and what they should and should not promise their clients. All too often, ad agencies confuse search engine optimization with search engine advertising. This book will help them with any confusion they may have.

It will also help firms that hire advertising agencies who provide SEO services. Being well educated about the entire search engine marketing process will help you make a better

Marketers and marketing agencies, in particular, will benefit most from Search Engine Visibility since the responsibility of online marketing falls squarely on their shoulders. The submission section will be particularly valuable to them.


What information does Search Engine Visibility offer that is not currently available?

No other book explains how to create a search-engine friendly web sites that focuses on PRINCIPLES instead of flavor-of-the-month SEO. The first 3 building blocks of SEO are addressed in Search Engine Visibility. The 4th building block is addressed in When Search Meets Web Usability. Shari is famous for understanding how to incorporate search engine optimization in a site from the very beginning. No one else does that as well as Shari Thurow and Omni Marketing Interactive.

Search Engine Visibility ties web site design, site usability, and search engine marketing with long term business goals. The book focuses on quality, qualified web site traffic, not a large volume of hits that do not benefit a firm's bottom line.

Also, Search Engine Visibility is the best practices book on search engine optimization.


Can I view the Table of Contents (TOC)?

Sure. I have Search Engine Visibility's TOC available in PDF format, around 56K. Download Search Engine Visibility TOC.

(Note: By clicking "download" a new window will open.)


Do you provide search engine optimization services?

Absolutely! Shari and the staff at Omni Marketing Interactive have been providing search engine optimization, website usability, information architecture, and design/development services since 1995.

View the different search engine marketing services we provide.


Why don't you have a blog?

Because I have blogged for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land for many years.

Plus I spend more of my time on my clients' blogs.

What are the Bonus Materials you have on this site?

I have reprinted the full Search Engine Dictionary/Glossary in the Bonus Materials section. I already have some new terms to add, thanks to my niece, Nova, who keeps asking me questions about definitions every time she reads the book.

I have also included an Ask the SEO Expert section. If you have a question and I can give you a quick, reliable answer, I will post it here.

Also, since I am constantly bombarded with emails containing search engine mythology, I will post information that debunks the myth.


I would like to schedule you as a speaker. What topics do you currently speak about?

Glad you asked. I like speaking engagements, especially since I used to teach at two major universities. Some of the topics I cover are:

  • Understanding search engine optimization
  • Search-engine friendly web site design
  • Successful site architecture
  • Optimizing PDFs and non-HTML content
  • Search engine visibility and web site usability
  • Web copywriting for search engine visibility
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Searcher goals and behaviors
  • See full list of topics >>

Some of these topics are available as 1-hour seminars, tutorials, and training. View a full list of speaking topics, or fill out my contact form to request a topic.


Where can I purchase Search Engine Visibility?

Search Engine Visibility can be purchased directly from my publisher, New Riders. You can also go to other well-known book stores such as Amazon.


The search engines change so often. How does the book keep abreast of all the new search engine changes?

Search Engine Visibility focuses on the very foundation of a successful search engine marketing campaign. If you have a strong foundation, then it is easy to build on top of that foundation.

Some partnerships and features, however, of the search engines will change. I have created an Updates section on this web site to alert you about these changes.

Realistically, no print publication can keep abreast of the latest search engine changes.


Can I get a review copy of Search Engine Visibility?

If you are a confirmed book reviewer for a major online or offline publication, I can send you a review copy. Please fill out my contact form to request a review copy.

I have a limited number of books that I will hand out at no cost. However, if you attend any of the conferences I speak at, you might just get a free book.


Does your book teach how to build web sites for each major search engine?

As much as I knew there would be a HUGE target audience for this answer, I chose not to show how to build sites for each search engine.

Why? Because web site owners should always build sites for their target audience. If search engine marketers are building a site primarily for each search engine, then they are probably spamming. I promised some of the software engineers over at Google that I would not teach people how to spam.

Search Engine Visibility focuses on the foundation of a successful search engine optimization campaign, not on how to spam the search engines.


Why don't you have chapters that specifically address Cold Fusion, Active Server Pages, Java Server Page, and PHP sites?

My editors and I made the decision not to go into detail about each of these technologies because we knew the book would have to reach a broad audience. Programmers and some web developers might understand complex code, but people in other fields might not. It helps to show simpler site layouts to better explain a concept than more complex examples.

Based on the types of questions I receive at conferences, email, and other correspondence, I ultimately decided to explain the main question I get: why these types of sites can be problematic.

Also, I find that programmers tend to focus more on workarounds than building a strong foundation. Without the strong foundation, search engine marketing tends to cost more in time and expense. No CFM, ASP, JSP, or PHP workaround, by itself, is a substitute for having a strong foundation.

If you are interested in implementing CFM, ASP, JSP, or PHP workarounds to make your site's URL structure more search-engine friendly please fill out our contact form and specifically request this type of consulting service.

For more information about our search engine optimization, search usability training, and site design services, please fill out our contact form or call us at 847-426-4256.


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