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Search engine optimization (SEO) dictionary/glossary - F

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Fake copy listing
A web page that has achieved a top search engine position by stealing the contents of another web page.
False drop
A web page retrieved from a search engine or directory that is not relevant to the query used.
Abbreviation for free-for-all links. FFA web pages contain a collection of indiscriminate, often unrelated, links to other web pages. FFA links are commonly used to artificially boost link popularity and are considered spam by the major search engines.
Filter words
Common words that search engines remove when adding web page information to their full-text indexes because they tend to slow down search queries without improving the results. Common filter words are as follows: the, a, an, or, for, of, but, is, and it. Please see: Stop words vs. filter words and search engine optimization (SEO).
Focus page
A web page that contains quality content about a specific topic. Also known as an information page. See information page.
An XHTML technique that enables web site designers to divide the browser screen into two or more sections. Each section, or frame, is a single web page. Please see: Frames and search engine visibility.
Full-text index
A database, or index, containing every word of every web document, including filter words and stop words. Can also refer to an index without filter and stop words included.
Fuzzy search
A search that retrieves matches for partially spelled or misspelled words. Fuzzy matching techniques reduce words to their root and then try to match all forms of the word. Fuzzy search is based on "fuzzy logic engineering," which is a very advanced mathematical discipline. Simply put, it enables you to say "maybe," "almost," or "close to" in computer code.

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